Indiascapes. Images and Words from Globalised India
Vol. 12, n. 2 (2008)
Editors: Rossella Ciocca and C. Maria Laudando
A double blind peer-reviewed journal, published twice a year by Università degli studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”'

Rossella Ciocca and C. Maria Laudando

Indiascapes. Images and Words from Globalised India - Introduction


Rossella Ciocca

Plurality, Identity, Democracy, Globalization... A Conversation with Sunil Khilnani

Alessandra Marino

No Women’s Land. Re-imaging Border Spaces through Visual Arts

Annalisa Piccirillo

Hybrid Bodies in Transit: The ‘Third Language’ of Contemporary Kathak

Alessandro Monti

Love and Punishment. How Passion is Meted out in Bollywood

Esterino Adami

Enduring Identities in Diasporic Cinema

Neelam Srivastava

Postcolonial Translation: The Case of South Asia

Eleonora Federici

Brides and Grooms Wanted for: Matrimonial Websites in India

Giuseppe Balirano

Indian Diasporic Aesthetics as a Form of Translation

Silvia Albertazzi

The Years of Writing Dangerously: Salman Rushdie and the Fatwa Twenty Years After

Rossella Ciocca

Mother India and Paradise Lost: Myth, History, and Fiction in the City of Mumbai

Oriana Palusci

The Elephant and the Refrigerator: Jhumpa Lahiri as Interpreter of Maladies

C. Maria Laudando

A Line of Yoricks. Salman Rushdie’s Bastard Legacies between East and West


Marie-Hélène Laforest

Amartya Sen, Identity and Violence. The Illusion of Destiny (London and New York: Penguin, 2006)


Neelam Srivastava

Nalini Iyer and Bonnie Zare, eds., Other Tongues: Rethinking the Language Debates in India (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2009)

C. Bruna Mancini

Lidia Curti and Susanna Poole, eds., Schermi indiani, linguaggi planetari. Tra Oriente e Occidente, modernità e tradizione, avanguardia e popolare (Roma: Aracne, 2008)

Giuseppe De Riso

Giuseppe Balirano, The Perception of Diasporic Humour – Indian English on TV (Loreto: Tecnostampa, 2007)

Books Received

Manuela Coppola

Suniti Namjoshi, Istantanee di Caliban. Sycorax, ed. and introd. by Paola Bono, trans. by Paola Bono and Serena Guarracino, afterword by Laura Di Michele (Napoli: Liguori 2008)

Books Received