Shakespeare in the Media.
Old and New
Vol. 15, n. 2 (2011)
Editors: Anna Maria Cimitile and Katherine Rowe
A double blind peer-reviewed journal, published twice a year by Università degli studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”'

Table of Contents

Anna Maria Cimitile and Katherine Rowe

Introduction Shakespeare: Overlapping Mediascapes in the Mind


Sarah Sheplock

“Contending with fretful elements”: Shakespeare, Kurosawa and the Benshi. On Film Adaptation

Alessandra Marino

Multicultural Shakespeare: Italian and British TV series of the 9-11 pm slot. Brand Shakespeare and TV adaptations

Maurizio Calbi

Postcolonial Entanglements: Performing Shakespeare and Kathakali in Ashish Avikunthak’s Dancing Othello

Maurizio Calbi

Dancing Othello (Brihnnlala Ki Khelkali). An Interview with Ashish Avikunthak

Li Lan Yong

Of Spirits and Sundry Other Phenomena in Intercultural Shakespeare: Text and Performance


Bianca Del Villano

Shakespeare’s Rome: A Space of Interrogation. Maria Del Sapio Garbero, ed., Identity, Otherness and Empire in Shakespeare’s Rome; Maria Del Sapio Garbero, Nancy Isenberg and Maddalena Pennacchia, eds., Questioning Bodies in Shakespeare’s Rome


Stephen O'Neill

Uploading Hamlet: Agency, Convergence and YouTube Shakespeare

Enrica Picarelli

Gabrielle A. Hezekiah, Phenomenology’s Material Presence: Video, Vision and Experience

Santa Russo

Shakespeare at the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia 2011. The Tempest and Richard III

Books Received

Linda Jennifer Buono

Shakespeare in the Web. Romeo and Juliet on Twitter

Anna Maria Cimitile

Cinema Is a Video Clip on the Internet. Liz Tabish, A Cinematic Translation of Shakespearean Tragedies

Books Received